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If I had known about the existence of Human Heart Nature months ago, I would have stopped buying commercially-made shampoos, conditioners, and beauty products (and saved myself a couple of hundred bucks). We take the body care products we use for granted and assume that they are safe, simply because we find them on the shelves. The truth is that commercially-made cosmetics and beauty products are laden with a number of chemical preservatives and toxins that can cause infertility and speed up the development of some cancers. I suggest that you read this interview with Stacy Malkan, author of the book Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry. It’ll give you a great overview on the harmful chemicals in our cosmetics and how to avoid them.

I used to have the impression that organic body care products were expensive and mostly available in the US, which is why I was so delighted to discover Human Heart Nature. First of all, Human Heart Nature is 100% Filipino-owned and 100% Filipino-made. Unlike other manufacturers who are only out to make a quick profit, Human Heart Nature was set up with the goal of providing more livelihood to Gawad Kalinga residents and communities. Their products are very affordable because the owners want to encourage the use of organic, environmentally-friendly cosmetics and sustainable livelihoods for organic farmers. Best of all, Human Heart Nature products are just as good – if not better – than their commercially-made counterparts! I bought a tiny sample bottle of their shampoo and conditioner a few weeks ago and fell in love with their sweet scent and the way my hair looked and felt after my shower. The Mango Styling Creme is also very excellent – wait for the review at my new beauty blog.

You can buy Human Heart Nature products through and pay via Gcash, bank deposit, or credit card! The credit card payment option won me over and I started shopping like crazy last night. Here’s what I bought.

human heart nature shampoo
Organic Shampoo in Mandarin

Made with egg white, aloe vera, and extra virgin coconut oil, this citrusy shampoo deeply moisturizes and cleans. Perfect for someone with chemically treated hair. You can give it a try by purchasing the tiny 50ml bottle for just P34. I bought the 200ml bottle for only P109.

human heart nature organic conditioner
Organic Conditioner in Mango Butter

The organic conditioner is available in three finishes – mandarin, peppermint, lemongrass, or unscented. I chose the mandarin one to complement my shampoo, and also because it provides a silky smooth finish. The 50 ml bottle sells for P34 as well, whereas the 200ml bottle costs P99.

human heart nature tomato toner
Tomato Toner

I haven’t tried the Tomato Toner myself but according to reviews, even girls with very sensitive skin no longer break out after using this product regularly. I hope it works on me! It only costs P99 – a far cry from the expensive toners I usually buy at Clinique.

human heart nature organic lip balm
Organic Lip Balm in Peppermint

I’m a sucker for peppermint-scented products, so I decided to give this one a try. Unlike commercially available lip balms, this one only costs P 49!


  1. sunmom says:

    hi! i’ve had rave reviews for their products on my
    website after primarily trying their baby products on
    my daughter! they have a new hair mask with avocado
    and gugo bark which is, i think, the best hair mask
    i’ve ever tried! tomato toner works well too, i hope
    they sell it in a bigger bottle! :)

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