HBC Tatak Exclusibo Sale

hbc sale

Beauty comes at a price, but the price tag doesn’t always have to be high – especially if you know where to shop. Those looking for affordable beauty and body care products need to look no further than HBC (Hortaleza Beauty Center), a family owned store that provides products made especially for Filipinos. The average item at HBC won’t set you back more than 200 or 300, but prices are even lower now that they’ve launched the Tatak Exclusibo Sale.

hbc sale 2

Last night, we attended the formal launch of the sale and got a sneak preview of the items up for grabs.

san san makeup

San San, HBC’s in-house makeup brand, offers really affordable products for below P200 (although I’m not sure if this is the sale price). I was intrigued by their kohl eyeliner, which comes with a sponge.


The highlight of the evening was an auction of three large chests filled with HBC products. Everyone who entered the door received gift certificates to use for the auction, and my mom got too excited with the bidding that we ended up winning the first chest!

san san makeup haul

We ended up with lots of San San products, mostly face powders, vitamin creams, lip gloss, nail polish, and cheek tints. We’ll probably be raffling some of these off in the future.

body recipe

As for me, I bought two items from Body Recipe – a hair spa creme and a coconut body scrub. I tried both of them when I showered last night and I was impressed by the quality of these products. The coconut body scrub has a fragrant but subtle coconut-y scent and a generous mix of scrubbing beads that left my skin feeling softer and cleaner. I wish the coconut scent lasted longer on my skin; I would have loved to keep on smelling it even after my shower. The hair spa creme is made of coconut oil, sabalia, and horestail extract, and works like a glorified conditioner; after shampooing, simply coat your wet hair with the product starting from the roots to the tips. Massage gently. Although the instructions on the bottle said to leave your hair under a steamer for 15-20 minutes, I only let the product stay on for about five or ten minutes before rinsing it off. My hair ended up smelling sweet and feeling unbelievably soft after I let it dry. The best part about it is that it’s really affordable – I think it only cost around P195. Watson’s has hair spa products too, but I think they’re about a hundred pesos more expensive. The Body Recipe Hair Treatment Creme was definitely a good buy, and will be very useful after I get my hair digipermed this weekend.

Visit the HBC website to find the nearest HBC store in your city. You can purchase HBC products through the website too!


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