Eskinol’s Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream

Wouldn’t it be great if you woke up with softer, whiter, more radiant skin? You can make this happen by getting enough sleep and by using products that rejuvenate your skin while you peacefully dose off. Current research on the science of sleep shows that sleep is the best time for beauty and renewal. During the deep sleep stage of the night time sleep cycle, the body replenishes its energy supplies, releases growth hormones, and renews body tissues and cells – including those on the skin.

eskinol gluta milk whitening night cream

Enhance your body’s natural ability to rejuvenate your skin with the new Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream from Eskinol. This amazing night-time moisturizer is enriched with all sorts of nutrients your skin will love, including milk essentials that soften silk, a Glutatione Complex that whitens using four powerful antioxidants (glutathione with vitamins E, C, and B3), and an Overnight Renew formula that helps whitening agents penetrate deeper. These nutrients go to work the moment you shut your eyes. When you wake up in the morning, you’ll definitely see and feel the difference.

Night creams that promise these benefits are normally priced in the thousands, but Eskinol Gluta-Milk Whitening Night Cream is affordable to every Filipina. A 30ml tube only costs P89 while the 10ml sachet is priced at P10. Grab one at the nearest supermarket, drug store, and department store and wake up to better skin tomorrow.

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