Dove Philippines Campaign for Real Thoughts

by Noemi Lardizabal-Dado

When I was 14 years old, my lola gave several bars of Dove Soap to my mom, who gave me one to use. I loved the sweet, subtle fragrance and the creamy sensation of the soap. But more than that, I love how my skin felt the first time I used it. Other soaps left my skin feeling stretched and dried up, as though every single bit of moisture on my skin got washed away along with the dirt. Dove, on the other hand, left my skin feeling healthier, hydrated, and clean. My face looked more radiant and the soap’s soft scent stayed with me for hours after. Back then, you couldn’t get Dove in the Philippines, so I used mine very sparingly.

I still use Dove to achieve that creamy, fragrant effect on my skin today. Even after all those years, Dove is one of those few brands that has consistently provided clear benefits without making you pay a steep price for it. This is why I am proud to be part of Dove Philippines’ Campaign for Real Thoughts. Dove has been making women feel beautiful by expanding our narrow notions of beauty since 2004. But this year, female bloggers are part of the discussions on stereotyped images, beauty, self-esteem, and other issues that matter at Real Thoughts. The best part is my beautiful and smart daughter is also tapped to be part of this campaign. She will be the fourth generation Dove user.

I didn’t have to blog about this but I thought you should all know that I actually use Dove. I hope that through our combined efforts, we can help build confidence among women and make women feel beautiful naturally.

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