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They say the Filipina spend an average of 90 billion pesos per year on cosmetic products. In the recent years, I am probably one of these women who spend on cosmetic products. I never needed to use makeup in my youth or even up to my early forties. But guess what? Even if I am a prime time woman, why not age gracefully? Inside and out.

What about the younger Filipina? In an era where the concept of female attractiveness is judged according to the color of your eyeshadow or the gloss of your lipstick, is it still possible to celebrate natural beauty without being cynical towards make-up and cosmetics?

This is the vision that constitutes the DNA of Artistry Colour, a make-up brand that is anchored on science, driven by technology and guided by insight. A global leader in the prestige of make-up industry, Artistry Colour is a straightforward brand that enhances the unique and natural beauty of every woman and offers no false promises, just honest beauty.

“Make-up is not meant to create the illusion that women are gorgeous, but to bring out their inherent and distinct beauty. They are not supposed to function as masks, but to bring out what’s already there,” says May Samson, product marketer for Artistry.


Artistry Colour features a wide-ranging selection of modern, versatile and wearable shades that do not only enhance the beauty of the face, but also protects and cares for the skin.

I first experienced Artistry in the mid-nineties while I was in the USA. My sister who was then into Amway introduced me to their line of cosmetic products. For many years while checking out Amway as an alternative source of income, I used their skin care line until I gave up on Amway. I even thought Amway died. But Artistry Colour and Amway is still very much around in the Philippines.

You might ask, what are the possibilities of Artistry Colour?

Artistry Flawless Coverage Powder Foundation
Artistry Colour’s promise starts with its foundation line. While most women skip this step because they can’t find the right color to match their skin tone or it feels chalky and heavy on the face, Artistry Colour came up with four formula options to provide a no-sweat foundation selection. One of these is the Flawless Coverage Powder Foundation. It evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and conceals skin imperfections for a natural, flawless looking coverage. This product also contains Matte 150 Complex that prevents shine and smudging. Artistry Oxishield Solar Complex with SPF 10 protects the skin from sun damage while Vitamin E nourishes and fights free radical damage.

eye makeup
Eye Shadows

For many centuries, poets have said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. They are the first things that people notice and Artistry Colour makes it easy to mesmerize, tantalize, and hypnotize – all with your eyes.

Artistry’s Eye Colour has a velvety and smooth texture that makes it easy to apply and blend. Micronized pigment technology allows it to exude the purest colors that last for hours. Vitamin A and powerful oxidant Vitamin E also protects the delicate skin in the eyelid.

eyebrow pencil
eyebrow pencil

On the other hand, Artistry’s Brow Define’s twist-up and no-sharpening feature makes it hassle free to shape and color your brows. Available in six universal tones to match any hair color, this product is ideal in filling in sparse or overplucked brows.


Finally, Artistry’s Waterproof Mascara thickens lashes by up to 200% and darkens them without clumping.


And of course, there’s nothing like lustrous lips to complete your look. Artistry’s Sheer Lip Colour gives off luminescent gloss and shine while enriching the lips with Vitamins A,C, and E and soothing them with aloe. In addition, the Crème Lip Colour variant minimizes the appearance of fine lines by as much as 71% in as little as two weeks. With these products, you can kiss those lips nightmares goodbye.

There’s no way of undoing the make-up craze given that more women are discovering the magic of these products and new brands continue to surface every day. The bigger task now is to reconcile these cosmetic innovations with natural beauty. Artistry Colour heeds to that challenge – to provide discerning women the chance to flaunt their inherent and unique traits while keeping up with today’s way of living.

Artistry is a technology-based skin care and cosmetic brand spanning years of experience in pioneering effective products. Artistry is exclusively distributed by Amway Philippines. For more information, please call 814-8181 or visit

Artistry Colour is the official make-up sponsor of the 2008 Philippine Fashion Week.

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